Arriving in Kerala

this morning we had a hiking tour through the forest which was more adventureous than it may sound because of a wild bison that was known to be in that particular area

Returning from that the group enjoyed some tea and cake in a café with incredible view over the valley of Wellington.
Later a part of us went back home to have some more rest while others walked to a small fruit market and tried mango, plums and even tree tomato!

After lunch we started our journey to Coimbatore by rail steam locomotive. Sitting one next to another we enjoyed the stunning landscapes that we were passing. We continued our travels by night bus and reached our destination in the early morning

Exploring the Nilgirian Area

We started the Sunday morning with a meditation and a delicious breakfast. Full of expectation we started our trip throug the Nilgiri area. First we visited Kodamalai, a small village of the Badaga tribe. On top of the hill we found a colourful temple and had a beautiful view over the misty Mountains.

Our next stop was the Bellatti tea factory. We walked along the different steps of producing tea powder. To fulfill our experience we had a tea at the next street shop.

After lunch we had a walk in the Botanical garden in Ooty where we enjoyed the plants and flowers. On our way we got to know a Mud House which is a tradtitional building of the Toda tribe.

Last stop was another tea and chocolate factory where we could expend our knowledge and taste some tea and chocolate. Spontaniously we had the opportunity to overcome our fear of the height and have a lot of fun!

We closed day with a delicious barbecue and singing some songs at the fire.

On our way…

Today we left Karnataka and made our way to Ooty in Tamilnadu. During the bus trip we were able to see many different things and landscapes, one of the highlights was crossing the Bandipur forest and seeing a bathing elephant.

learning some german words while wating for the bus

After we arrived at our new nice place, we could rest and spend some nice time together playing, talking and taking some pictures, so we can start with renovated energy tomorrow.

Mysore and the Party Bus

Today we left the SCMI as early as 5.20 am in the morning to take the train to Mysore. Our first ride in an Indian train was a great experience and gave us the opportunity to get a look at the surrounding country side.

In Mysore we visited the beautiful palace which, supprisingly, was only built in 1890 by an British architect even though it looks a lot older. Part of the royal family is still living there.

At the temple on a mountain top we had some very nice so encounters with cows but some not so nice with apes who wanted to steal our water (just to spill it all over the floor…). The temple itself was impressing because of the huge crowd of believers who came to pray and bring offerings to the god.

In the end of the day we took SDG No.6 in account. We visited the KRS Dam and Brinmwen Gardens. It was build by the Swiss and financed by the Indian mararadscha, a good example for international project management. The dam provides electricity and water for the hole region, specially for agraculture. But the dam also thoughens the conflict over the rare recourse water in that very dry region. The conflict escalated so far that people get killed and the States Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have a serious political dispute going on.

We ended the day with a trip back in our party bus!!🎊🎉

Best wishes and greetings from India

Second Day in Bengaluru

Today we had aur first sightseeing day. We went to the city center of Bengaluru to see the parliament of Karnataka and to have a walk in the park. Some us had a coconut drink and we enjoyed the 32 degrees and wonderul sunny Indian climate. Afterwards we visited the Viscesvaraya Industrial and technological museum. There we could try many different and entertaining experiments. Afterwards we went to a Sikh temeple. The local sikh preacher gave us an interesting introduction to his religion. Especially in Punjaat but also in Bengaluru many people follow sikh religion. Sikh religion was founded in 1468 by Guru Nanak.

In the afternoon we prepared our cultural night. Our Indian friends drew wonderful henna tatoos for us and we dressed up in Saris. Other SCMI students from Bengaluru joined us for the evening. We made Apfelpfannkuchen and held a presentation about Germany (celebrating a little carneval was part of it :)). We also enjoyed Indian dances and food.

Now we hope to fall asleep fast because we are leaving Bengaluru early in the morning.

Welcome to India

“The real voyager of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust)

After travelling for one day we were finally welcomed by some of our loved ones at Bengaluru Airport. During the drive to SCMI house we got our first impressions of India, especially the crowd of Bengaluru city and the traffic.

At the SCMI house every single person of our group got warmly welcomed with a flower garlande, which filled the whole room with a magical smell.

After a short introduction of the SDGs and our programme, we managed our first challenge to eat the delicious food by hands.

In the evening we walked a little bit around the neighbourhood and went into our first Hindu Temple and survived the second challenge of today to cross a street during traffic.

So we go to bed with the feeling that many lovely experiences are waiting for us in the next two weeks.