Day 9: travelling from Berlin to Dortmund

After having delicious breakfast we went to the museum called ,,Blindenwerkstatt – Otto Weidt”, where we had a guided tour. We got some information about the workshop and also about the living conditions of jewish people during the ,,Nazi” time.
Otto Weidt founded this workshop for blind jewish people in order to save their lifes by trying to avoid their deportation to the concentarion camps.
For lunch we had chicken and spring rolls with rice in our accomodation.

For going to Dortmund we had to take first a train to Münster for around four hours and then we changed the train for another thirty minutes. Our ESG house, where we will stay for the next days is not directly located in the middle of the city, so we took the underground an the bus to finally reach our new ,,home”.

Matthias, the pastor of the ESG Dortmund, gave us a very warm welcome and after distributing rooms we had amazing BBQ for dinner.

Last but not least, our Indian friends surprised us with beautiful henna. So we are prepared for the ,,Kirchentag”, which will start on thursday.

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