Day 12: Culture, Chats and Candles

As the sun rose, also we rose one after the other to prepare breakfast and start the day with an English morning prayer in the church across the street from ESG. As SOMEONE was not yet wake enough to coordinate our group, we had to overcome a little confusion with our tickets for the Kirchentag. But then everybody was set and ready to start again into an interesting, inspiring and above all fun day.

Some of us opted for learning circle dances and got carried away by tunes from around the globe. Alex decided to take some of us to a friend’s concert in the inner city to listen to Indie songs. Someone, Sophie and others took again the time to stroll along all the different fair stalls of the market of possibilities.

At noon, we had a reunion at the fair where we had time to share our experiences and did the further planning for the (last ☹) days to come. Back in the present, we recharged our bellies with delicious Indian food (we cannot wait to taste the real India), before heading to the next activities. Again, it was difficult for us to decide among the endless options.

One Group got important insights into the current situation in the Aegean Sea in terms of criminalization of helping refugees, exports of weapons and its correlation to the cause for migration and use against refugees. Another group took part in a talk about the role of the church in protecting human rights and people facing social oppression. Some German and Indian girls had the chance to talk to experts on the feminist and human rights movement in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina about faith-based Nonviolence against Violence. Deeply inspired, the Girls take home several live-changing learnings.

In the evening we all came together for a Taizé Prayer in the Westphalenpark. In midst of flamingos, flowers and flames we sang songs of Taizé, listened to words of Pater Timmothé and cuddled together as both night and temperatures fell.

Coming home with a warm heart, we had a last midnight snack and sank in our beds exhausted, but also very happy.

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