Day 13: Last day at church day

On our last day at the church day we experienced again many different things!

In the morning some of our group went to a bible workshop with the famous Comedian Eckhard von Hirschhausen and the final Panel about “Trust in international Politics” with the two most famous female leaders in the world. Germans and Indians could listen together to the German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the first female president of an African country Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from Liberia.

Afterwards, we went to have food at the church day. The Indian group was able to enjoy food from different countries like Hungary, Turkey and the Maghreb countries.

In the afternoon, some of our group went to the shopping center to get the last souvenirs for India. Others went to an interesting discussion about peace building in Central America and another small group joined a walking tour in the city center about right wing- extremism in Dortmund. Moreover we watched the performance a great dancing group from Namibia. All in all, again we got many impressions about different important issues from all around the world!

In the evening, we met and did a first reflection about our time together. Everyone agreed that we learned a lot both about important topics both for our own life and another culture.

After this, we spend a nice evening at the ESG Dortmund: we had barbecue, listen to a Gospel concert at the church and were talking until late about the wonderful time we spend together in Germany.

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