Time to say goodbye

Every story has an ending. So the last day of our exchange program arrived. We started this day with the celebration of Laura`s birthday and feedback and reflection on the program, the food and accomandation, the group and the things we have learned.

In order to keep India not only in our minds and hearts but also to share it with our family and friends, we went shopping in the Commercial Street. There we found clothes in all different colours and shapes and extraordinary jewellery. After feeling like shopping queens and kings, the students of SCMI from many different regions presented their painting, song or poem about the women’s day under the title “masculinity”. These performances were really touching and inspiring and give hope that one day we do not differientiate due to gender or sex anymore, because in the end we are all humans. This message is a really good take-home message before flying back to Germany.

Our farewell party at the rooftop with Barbecue and unsuspected fireworks from the neighbourhood gave everybody the opportunity to say good-bye and the chance to dance one last time all together.

Tomorow four of us are flying back to Germany and the others are splitting up in three groups and explore India for two more weeks on their own. We are very thankful for the last two weeks and will never forget the time and the experience we shared.

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