Travelling, Celebrating Women’s Day, Visiting Indian family and attending church service!

16 hours journey from Kerala to Bengaluru was wonderful! We reached Bengaluru near about 8:30 in morning and we started our day with various workshops after having healthy and tasty breakfast. SCMI has organised Creative Arts Workshop on Masculinity on Women’s Day. Students from Germany and Indian Exchange programme actively participated in drawing and writing  workshops with other SCMI Students. Students expressed their thoughts very beautifully and creatively on Women’s. It’s shown that what women’s wants and what are the expectations, specifically it’s showing us the inequality and situation of women in India. Students were having thoughtful discussions not only in workshops but in Train and in their free time on Gender and spiritual aspects which helped them today to put all thoughts together in one frame.

In India Family is one of the most important social institution. To read about it in books is always different than visiting family personally, so as per our exchange program plan we decided to visit a family in Bengaluru. All group were invited by Vijay and his family. His family welcomed us with cold drinks. It was our group pleasure to visit his family and interact with them. We talked with Vijay’s family and enjoyed home cooked food with Paysome.  We sang together and at last Annette thanks his lovely family with ESG candle and small memorable presents so Vijay’s family will always remember us.  It was so warm and lovely family visit for everyone.

We had a small brake for the Tea and after that we  attained evening service at St. Mark’s Cathedral. The day ended with the dinner in SCMI.

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